The Ann Arbor Public Schools are proud to present the annual Bands in Review concert to feature the bands from all the middle and high schools. Tickets are required for these concerts and should be purchased from Pioneer Band Students (preferred) or at the door.

Bands in Review is a showcase of AAPS bands from all of our middle and high schools in two performances as our middle and high school students demonstrate their skills with the discipline, concentration, and perseverance that they learn as members of their public school bands. These wonderful concerts are an opportunity for the community to see and hear the results of the comprehensive education our students have received in the Ann Arbor Public Schools Instrumental Music Program.

Bands in Review is hosted in March by Huron High School (east side) and Pioneer High School (west side). Refer to the master calendar for dates and times.

  • Huron High School
    • Scarlett
    • Clague
    • Huron Varsity Band
    • Huron Concert Band
    • Skyline Concert or Symphony Band
    • Huron Symphony Band


  • Pioneer High School
    • Tappan
    • Ann Arbor Open
    • Forsythe
    • Slauson
    • Skyline Varsity Band
    • Pioneer Varsity Band
    • Pioneer Concert Band
    • Skyline Concert or Symphony Band
    • Pioneer Symphony Band