Every August, the bands and choirs from the Ann Arbor high schools head north to the nationally acclaimed Interlochen Center for the Arts for a week of rehearsals and fun. Pioneer Band campers spend their time brushing up their high steps and glide steps, and refining their individual and ensemble music skills. Concert and sectional rehearsals occur throughout the campus, with the marching drills at the infamous tennis courts.

There is also time for socializing! Most nights have dances, competitions and other activities to enjoy including the famous (or infamous) Senior Skit.

One of the highlights of the week is Band Camp Sunday, a concert for family & friends in the open air Kresge Auditorium, followed by a marching demonstration back at the tennis courts. What a great way to kick off another Pioneer Band year!

The Pioneer Band Association provides a popular Charter Bus to Interlochen on Band Camp Sunday. Or you can follow our Driving Directions to Interlochen to help you find your way from Ann Arbor. A special Band Camp Sunday Guide is also available to help new families make the most of this special day.

Band CampThe Pioneer Bands always have many freshmen attending the camp along with the upper classmen. Even though Varsity Band members do not perform as part of the Pioneer Marching Band during the fall, Pioneer Band Camp is an extremely important experience for students. Band camp provides opportunities to meet Mr. Leach, learn the basics of band life at Pioneer, drill the music and marching fundamentals which will be used as students progress through their years in the Pioneer Bands, enabling band students to form lasting relationships with fellow students in every grade before school starts. This makes their transition into and through high school much easier. When a freshman band student walks into Pioneer High School on the first day, he or she already knows almost 200 other students, many of whom will share classes and schedules. It's a wonderful way to ease into a big school like Pioneer.

Each year, Mr. Leach brings AAPS staff and band alumni counselors to help out at the camp. The faculty is drawn from the Ann Arbor Public Schools instrumental music staff. Our well-qualified counselors are graduates of Pioneer High School and seasoned veterans of the band program. They act as instructors for sectional rehearsals and other musical activities. Thus, parents are assured that the students are given personal attention when needed, and will have a lot of fun at the camp.