What does your donation mean to the Pioneer Band?


A typical year’s Pioneer Band family financial expectations include: 

  • Program Fee ($35 per student) which covers uniform cleaning, mailings, publications & website
  • Funds raised (at least $100 per family) This can be accomplished in a number of ways:
    • Car Wash Fundraiser (in Car Wash pledges collected by student, paid to PBA in one lump sum)
    • Candy Sale Fundraiser (one box of candy [$52.00 cost, $25 fundraising credit per box] sold by student during Candy Sale, paid to PBA in one lump sum)
    • Payment In Lieu Of Fundraising Activities: Families may fulfill their fundraising responsibility by paying some or all of $100 directly to PBA.
  • Band Gala & Auction (Some families donate a bottle of wine or an Auction Item)
  • District/State Solo & Ensemble Fees (fees vary by type of event)
  • Bands In Review Tickets for family members ($10 per individual, $20 per family as of 2016)
  • Spirit Apparel (not sold for profit, costs vary by type of apparel purchased)
  • Bandquet & Awards Night Tickets (approximately $10-15 per person)

To summarize, the Pioneer Bands depend on fundraising to function every school year. The $35 program fee per student plus $100 additional fundraising per family is necessary to provide our students with the quality program that makes Pioneer Bands so amazing.

Students and families have basic fundraising requirements as discussed above. Students in an ensemble participating in a tour may choose to do more than the basic fundraising requirements, and any additional funds raised by the student can go toward that student’s tour payments, and thus reduce the total amount of out of pocket tour payments by the student’s family. 

If payments of any kind ever become difficult for a band family, we strongly encourage you to speak to the Pioneer Band directors. Financial assistance and scholarships are available.