Bands in Review is an important fundraiser for the PBA. For that reason, each member of the Varsity Band is asked to sell one $10 family ticket and one $5 individual ticket; each member of the Concert and Symphony Bands is asked to sell one $10 family ticket and two $5 individual tickets. On Saturday night, everyone except the performers themselves will need a ticket to get in.

All tickets should be paid for ahead of Saturday's Bands in Review Concert. Please have your student bring his or her payment (in the form of a check made payable to the PBA with the student's name and "Bands in Review" noted on the check's memo line) to band class. It is important that you use the tickets given to your student rather than buy tickets at the door on Saturday night. Proceeds from tickets sold at the door are NOT shared with the band or PBA.


If you need more tickets, please have your student ask Mrs. Waring. She will be happy to help you.