For incoming 9th grade students

One of the first major steps in the transition to high school is the audition process. Middle school band directors are aware of the transitional issues their students face and work hard to prepare their musicians. Middle school band directors provide the audition music to students who plan to continue the band experience after 8th grade, and work with them to practice it properly.

In late March or early April, Pioneer Director of Bands David A. Leach visits each middle school band classroom to conduct individual interviews and auditions. This gives students the chance to ask questions and demonstrate their musical skills.

In late spring, student audition results are complete and students are informed as to which Pioneer Band ensemble they have been assigned. Student 9th grade course selections can then be completed, confirmed, or changed as appropriate.

For current band students

Band auditions occur each March to determine placement in the Pioneer Band ensembles for the following school year. The music for these auditions is given to students by Mr. Leach. New students to Pioneer may request a personal audition with Mr. Leach.

Chair auditions are done once a year in the fall. Due to the number of students in our band program, time does not allow for additional auditions. All students within various sections (i.e., flutes, clarinets, trumpets) will be given the same music to prepare. This music is also drilled in the classroom; perfection of this music, however, can only be accomplished outside of the classroom.

Dates for chair auditions are given well in advance. Students sign up for individual times. Symphony Band students generally audition first, usually in early October, followed by Concert and Varsity Bands. Concert and Varsity Band chair auditions are completed by December. Particular dates for each band are announced in class.