Band & Sports

For band students who also play sports, there is generally not a conflict with band. Many band students play multiple sports without any problems. Athletic Department information may be found at their website. We ask that students always tell both parties well in advance and remind day or so before; in writing generally works best.

There are guidelines established so that it is very clear where the student's responsibility lies in the event of time conflicts. The guidelines are available on the web here. For example, if a student has a band rehearsal and a game at the same time, the game takes priority. If a student has a concert and a game at the same time, the concert takes priority as music is an academic subject and the sport is extracurricular. These conflicts occur rarely and are easily remedied with advance planning.

Communication is the key. Remember that the Band Calendar is provided to each student in August. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that his/her coach and Mr. Leach or Ms. Waring know of any potential conflicts. If your student is ever put into an uncomfortable position between band and sports, please contact Mr. Leach or Ms. Waring.

Marching Band Varsity Honors

Students who participate in two seasons of Symphony and/or Concert Band - Purple Marching Bands are eligible to receive a Varsity Letter and Year designation.

Practice & Physical Conditioning

The Pioneer Bands play a demanding and varied repertoire. Members are encouraged to maintain a daily practice regimen to sharpen their technical and musical skills. Scales, flexibility drills, etudes all will increase your ability as an instrumentalist. Band members who practice with intention on a regular basis will succeed.

Marching is a very demanding physical activity, and your success and ability to enjoy the season, both at Band Camp and throughout the fall, depends in a very large way on your pre-camp physical condition. To prepare for the physically demanding marching season, it is important to sustain a daily exercise program throughout the summer. Many members find running, biking, swimming, and climbing stairs very helpful.