As students progress from one band to the next throughout their high school years, the music and skills required of the Pioneer Band student musician become more and more challenging. Private lessons help our students to advance their skills and abilities. A list of private instructors, organized by instrument, is available from the Directors of Bands. Private lessons usually occur once per week, and can vary in time between 30 minutes to a full hour. Fees for private instruction can vary widely.

If the cost of private lessons or accompaniment is a reason for not participating, please contact the Director of Bands for further assistance.

For Solo and Ensemble Festival performances, working with an excellent accompanist is often an essential part of the student's preparation. A list of accompanists is available from the Directors.

Fees for accompanists vary widely — make sure you know your accompanist's fee structure. Some have one fee for rehearsals plus performance; others are paid each time you meet. Recorded or electronic (i.e. synthesized accompaniments) are not allowed at Solo and Ensemble Festival. Piano solos with orchestral accompaniment must be performed without that accompaniment. The accompanist should be chosen early so their name can be included on the student's District Solo & Ensemble Registration Form in early November, thereby reducing the likelihood that an accompanist could be scheduled to perform at the same time for two different events at Solo and Ensemble Festival.