Uniforms are provided for each performing ensemble

Information about Marching Uniforms:

  • Students in Symphony Band and Concert Purple march every home game.
  • Students in Concert White march for one game only (Senior Night).
  • Students in Varsity Band do not march.
  • Marching band uniforms are assigned in May/June for current band members.
  • Uniforms are assigned at Band Camp Registration or the first week of school for new band members.
  •  Uniforms are assigned in September/October for Concert White members

With rare exceptions, marching band uniforms stay at school. However, students bring their hats and gloves home. Students wear their hats and gloves for Friday afternoon drill as well as for the games.

Students provide: black socks, black athletic shoes, and white gloves. The marching shoes must be completely black.

Students buy their gloves from the PBA at Band Camp Registration day for $3 (cash).

Percussionists and Flags do not wear gloves or hats.

 Information about Concert Uniforms:

Concert uniforms are distributed in October/November for all bands.

Students have a choice of a long black dress or a tuxedo, which the band provides.

Students provide: black dress shoes, black socks, white dress shirt (if wearing a tuxedo).

Students are responsible for hemming their own dress or tuxedo pants. They may hem the uniform at home or take it to a tailor. Fabric may be turned up, but not cut, so it may be let out for the next student.

Tuxedos and dresses go home with the students and are returned at the end of the school year.

Students arrive at each concert wearing their concert uniform.

Tuxedos are dry clean only! Do NOT wash them. If properly hung after every concert, they will last the whole year without needing cleaning. We will dry clean them for you over the summer.

Dresses can be washed with the regular laundry and either put in the dryer (on low heat) or hung to dry.