The Pioneer Band Association (PBA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of supporting the band program at Pioneer High School.

Through fund raising, such as the annual Band Gala and other activities, the Pioneer Band Association helps to provide equipment, fund trips, and facilitates other necessities constructive to quality band performance. We encourage you to review the Financial Information for Pioneer Band Families to better understand the various program fees and the fundraising expectations. In short, it is the parent booster club for the Pioneer Bands.

Parental involvement has been cited as the number one factor for success in a child’s musical endeavors. For parents of band students, there are many opportunities to show your support by attending concerts and performances, high school capsule nights, and parent conferences, and by getting involved in the Pioneer Band Association. We encourage current parents to become involved in one or more of the many volunteer opportunities coordinated by the Pioneer Band Association.

It is the parents’ responsibility to maintain a reasonable and effective relationship with both their student and the teacher to maximize the benefits of the educational experience. While the Pioneer Band Association is an advocate for the band program, it is neither a remedy for personal or family problems with classroom activities, nor a vehicle for evaluating the instructors or the teaching plan.

Our organization is governed by the Bylaws of the Pioneer Band Association.

You can stay connected with the Pioneer Band Association in many ways: